Wrong Numbers

I am honestly laughing so hard right now. At life, at people, at myself. This was one of the weirdest/funniest things ever but I received a call from someone in Ladue, Missouri. I do not know the gender of this person, but it sounded like a man around the age of 50.

I pick up the call and I dubiously murmur a, “Hello?”

The man replies, “Sharon!!”

At this point I am trying very hard to hold my laughter in

I tell the man that he has the wrong number and he responds with an “Ahh, never mind!”

Old people are funny and I hope whoever that man is and whoever Sharon is that they get to talk once again. Tonight has been pretty uneventful except for that mystery call, but of course I would not just make a blog over one call. This has happened to me numerous times, I must be an old people magnet, or my phone must be. I have no idea how these people are getting my number, and why they think it is okay to repeatedly call me. I mean… I do not even pick up my phone when my mom calls, but they are lucky I am answering my phone for them. I am such a saint. A saint in Saint Louis. Ugh, speaking of Saint Louis I cannot wait to get out of here. I want to be in Hawaii where the rays of sunshine engulf me and the breeze tickles me from my toes up to my neck. I want to feel warm and happy which is not very often because I live in St. Louis where even old people get curved by the ones they love. Sorry old man if you see this and figure out it is about you. Hopefully Sharon gives you her real number next time.


Much love



Binge Blogging Commence

I have about eight days until Mr. Durham checks my blog to see how many posts I have, and how well I am doing with the blog. Yikes, is all I have to say. I wish blogging came easy to me like a lot of the people I have been following. I guess it is a habit that I will have to start. I guess I can start my first (kinda, sorta) blog post off with one of my fears that has been very significant in my life as of lately. I will be turning 17 on the seventh of February, which is in approximately four days, on a Tuesday. I do not know why the thought of growing up has instilled such a deep fear inside me and I do not try to understand it. But here are some possible explanations to my weird fear of birthdays. I guess since it is your birthday you should feel valued and like a Queen/King but for me it terrifies me that when my birthday comes it will feel just like a regular day that will end in anguish. Then there is that sense of trepidation of unpreparedness. I am simply not prepared to turn 17 and although it is one of the least greatest milestones I will achieve in my life (hopefully) it is still scary. I need a birthday outfit and birthday plans. But at the same time I would rather stay home and relish in all the money and presents I got from friends and family. I do not know if I will go out this year on my birthday mainly because I have rid of all the toxic “friends” from my life. Let us hope that this year can stay somewhat enjoyable despite the whole Trump fiascos going on.

House of Goods (Local Charity) 

House of Goods Baitul Mal is an amazing local charity, seeing as it is just a huge warehouse withholding donated items for many refugees, and others struggling. Since my father is heavily involved in helping the local Mosque, Daar-Ul-Islam, I had the opportunity to go and scope out the warehouse. Believe me when I say, they accept all donations, every little one. The men have organized it very well and cleaned up the warehouse. The content inside ranges from diapers, food, shoes, clothes, and even games or other small little luxuries. 

This charity is quickly growing and many different parts of the St. Louis community have come out to contribute to it, whether it be organizing or simply donating. I love to keep up with their Facebook page and seeing them do such big things, I am proud to be a member of the community and a Muslim for these reasons. House of Goods Baitul Mal goes around asking what the refugees want and need and immediately they work on getting it to them. Around the end of December they bought the refugees a washer and TV because the little children were complaining. 

Life can be very difficult when you have to flee a country you’ve known all your life and start anew in a foreign one, so it means the world to them receiving such great help. Everyone’s efforts are rewarded with a great satisfaction, and a joy no material item can replicate. 

Here is the affirmed link for more information on House of Goods Baitul Mal:

Drop off Donations Hours 

Monday To Thursday 10am till 2pm

Saturday 10am till 6pm

Sunday 1pm till 3pm

Friday Closed 

Coy Poem

A Heat of Blue

A crow returns to the nest of eggs

Surrounded by a colony of tortoise

Rises the sun over the crow

Observing carefully like the eye of a hawk

The colony nears until it is too late

A gust of wind flies by scattering an egg

Away from the nest it rolls

Vulnerable as ever

The crow rushes towards the sea

The eggs hatch, a rebirth

The tortoise lament

Only to be met by a heat of blue

Sumayyah Fareed

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