I am honestly laughing so hard right now. At life, at people, at myself. This was one of the weirdest/funniest things ever but I received a call from someone in Ladue, Missouri. I do not know the gender of this person, but it sounded like a man around the age of 50.

I pick up the call and I dubiously murmur a, “Hello?”

The man replies, “Sharon!!”

At this point I am trying very hard to hold my laughter in

I tell the man that he has the wrong number and he responds with an “Ahh, never mind!”

Old people are funny and I hope whoever that man is and whoever Sharon is that they get to talk once again. Tonight has been pretty uneventful except for that mystery call, but of course I would not just make a blog over one call. This has happened to me numerous times, I must be an old people magnet, or my phone must be. I have no idea how these people are getting my number, and why they think it is okay to repeatedly call me. I mean… I do not even pick up my phone when my mom calls, but they are lucky I am answering my phone for them. I am such a saint. A saint in Saint Louis. Ugh, speaking of Saint Louis I cannot wait to get out of here. I want to be in Hawaii where the rays of sunshine engulf me and the breeze tickles me from my toes up to my neck. I want to feel warm and happy which is not very often because I live in St. Louis where even old people get curved by the ones they love. Sorry old man if you see this and figure out it is about you. Hopefully Sharon gives you her real number next time.


Much love